Bible stories given gay perspective

By Kyle Lawson The Arizona Republic Dec. 8, 2002

And then God created Steve. Wait a minute, that's not how it goes.

Actually, it is, if it's Paul Rudnik's comedy, The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told, which relates the familiar biblical stories from a gay and lesbian viewpoint.

Arizona State University's Student Production Board is presenting the Valley premiere of the off-Broadway hit for 7:30 p.m. performances tonight, Monday and Tuesday at Tempe's Prism Theatre in the Ritter Building, on the northwestern corner of Terrace and Rural roads. Tickets are $3, only at the door. Details: (480) 727-7877.

Fabulous begins with Adam and Steve, who, after being booted from the Garden of Eden, join forces with Jane and Mabel, who like to think they were the first couple.

The quartet's adventures include time on the Ark and in Egypt. In the second act, they turn up in Greenwich Village.

Wait a minute. Greenwich Village isn't in the Bible.

That's what makes Rudnick's writing so interesting, director Justin Dero says. While you're watching, it makes perfect, and frequently hilarious, sense.

Fabulous isn't all one-liners, the director adds. Rudnik "deals with very big questions in this show," he says:

" 'Is there a God?' 'Where do I fit in the grand scheme?' There's an incredible saneness in his approach to the religion question, in spite of the madness that's going on."

One change from New York: The actors won't be nude. Still, playgoers should consider their sensitivities, Dero warns.

"People who aren't OK with homosexuals and homosexual relationships may find themselves uncomfortable at times," he says. "But I don't think the show is deliberately offensive. I think it will give audiences something to think about and, also, something to laugh about as they drive home."

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